Introducing The Ojeagbase FREE Mentoring Programme (OFMP)

I’m so delighted that you want to join my FREE Mentoring Programme. This is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your entire life. Every one of us, at different stage of our journey through life, needs a guide, a mentor.

By choosing to pre-register for my FREE Mentoring Programme – Ojeagbase Free Mentoring Programme or OFMP for short – you are giving yourself a chance to make a head way in life.

In a year from the day you sign-up for this programme, you will be able to measure your progress. And it will be evident to you and the people around you that something great is happening to you. It will be so obvious by the undeniable proofs that you will be showing.

As you have read elsewhere [or heard as the case may be], this is an absolutely FREE programme. No fees to pay me directly or indirectly and there is no hidden cost. However, you are going to make the following investment on yourself:

  • You will be prepared to work hard. In practical terms, that means you will be a serious student, ready to do all assignments that you are given; stay focused and determined to succeed.
  • You will accept total responsibility for the healthy development of your hidden potentials. My FREE Mentoring Programme is guaranteed to bring out the best in you. But it is your responsibility to implement ideas and strategies that you will be exposed to that will bring about the transformation you desire in your life.

That’s all!

Why am I doing this? Why would I invest my quality time to developing your potentials?

The answer is straight forward. I want to raise as many successful entrepreneurs as are willing to learn from me. In five years and ten years from now, I want to see my protégés dominating the marketplace; creating the best products and services and revving up the economy of this nation.

In case you missed the news, one of my protégés marked his 10th year anniversary in business on August 30, 2012. His name is Oyeleke Toye. He attended my Internet Boot Camp in August 2002 as an undergraduate student. Without applying for a job after his Youth Service, he launched his business, Cyber Konsult, with the sum of N4,000. Read his full story here.

So would you like to join the Oyelekes of this world? Here is your opportunity to do so … without paying me anything as Oyeleke and many others like him did.

Just answer a set of questions that will tell me about you so that I will know if you qualify to be my mentee.  Click here to answer the questions.

Your life of endless struggle is about to come to an end!

Dr. Emmanuel-Sunny Ojeagbase


Success Attitude Development Centre.